Dear Stranger

Dear stranger,

I’m sorry but I disagree
Truthfully, you’re just another me
To say stranger I disagree
Shadow partner, fits the scene
When you say sorry to someone
It also reflects on self
This is a mirror universe
Do you need some help?

By shadow work, I add value to the all
By helping you, I get a bonus this fall
As we rise up from Winters journey
Of self discovery in Springs yearning
And so, when I say sorry
It does add value, to us all
But alas, let me address the other hall

Pardon o pardon
Kids can be a handful
When together they drive me full
Yet please be considerate and wise and true
They don’t have to live with you
When hungry, they cry
When in pain, they cry
All in all, they like to kick and cry

Yet before you go rolling your eyes
Question are you adding value or fire to the fuel?
Because it might bite you in the ass, when that energy boils in you
With flavors that are simply out of spite

You’re like a person who needs to be reminded in time
What the best way to make of this time?
You could laugh it off and say
At least that’s not me
But how would that make things better Ms. Me?

For its true being a parent is a job
Like a teacher minus the teacher income

And I think teacher might understand
Just how trouble comes from little hands
So please, please
Do offer relief
Pray or sing
Add value to the scene
But don’t just whine and grieve
Because that’s not changing anything in this cup of tea

Do be aware
They are the ones growing up
In turn will offer their wisdoms
To those coming after us

Reflection Song

We, are a silly group of people

Who worry about tomorrow

When today has just begin

We, are a silly group of people

Making a blanket for one

When the world is full of love

We, are a beautiful group of people

Full of different shades

And different wonders to come by

We, are a strange group of people

Sometimes thinking of me

When all there is we

We, are growing race of people

Looking through the lens

Looking through the lens

We, are a collective group of people

Thriving for the best

Balance love and wisdom in

We, are changing for the better

Changing the wave

In pursuit of simple days

We, are strange group of people

Seeking validation, when

internal love is the drive

We, are an abundance race of people

Getting more of what

We simply focus on

We, are a silly group of people

Focused on the middle man

Focused on external hand

We, can start a new day

Focused on the greater things

Liv-ing truly free, oh

We, are the human race

Striving for better days

Let the live flourish in

We, will see this baby through the end

Determined to see the light, O~ Yeah~ah

We, are the voice that whether strong

Through the darkness, that tried to blind

The light, O~

We, are the children who draw tomorrow

Better days, awaits, for you and me


We, are the voice that travels thru, the sound that breaks thru, the love within me and you

We, are abundance

We, are love

We, are determined

We, will fly high with Jupiter in the sky

We, are the voice of tomorrow

Gone through the sorrow

Yet still bang our chest

For the simple joy

We, will carry along

Through the heavy rain

Carry on

Carry on